Caution with Credit – Credit for Life Fairs Across Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Treasurer and other sponsors host a wonderful web site ( which has a plethera of helpful information from trustworthy sources about understanding and managing credit.  I especially like their slogan, “Graduate with a degree – not credit debt.”  I think it speaks for itself, and certainly compelled me to look around.

As I did, I noticed at that Western Massachusetts is in great company with many other communities throughout the Commonwealth where Credit for Life reality fairs are hosted!

We are fortunate to be in a position to host Fairs for our Western Mass Seniors to not only help them better understand credit, but most importantly, to help them realize the choices they have power and control over.  With this knowledge, we hope students feel empowered to make financially responsible decisions and choices which, in turn, will reward them with solid financial health for years to come.

Join us and others as we embark on this important mission!

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