Volunteer Opportunities

Help Us Teach Our Students How to Become More Financially Literate!

Nearly 1,000 students in Western Massachusetts attend the Credit for Life fairs per year.  To do it well, we need your help!  We have an active Executive Committee that meets monthly (and sometimes more frequently).  Our greatest need, however, is on the day of the Fair.  Imagine this:

On the day of each Fair, we take over the entire auditorium at one of our host sites (STCCC, HCC, Elms or Westfield State).  Around the perimeter, and in the center of the room, are booths for day-to-day needs (and wants) in life: housing, transportation, insurance, education, clothing, charitable giving, furniture, loan center, etc..  These booths need a few volunteers each to be able to discuss the options available to each student.  Ideally, every student will pass through every booth.  If we have 20 booths with 4 volunteers each — we need 80 people to be sure we can talk with each student and coach them through their choices.

Remember – there are a few hundred students at each Fair – that’s a lot of talking and coaching, so the more help we have, the better the experience for everyone.

This is a ton of fun…we have many volunteers who assist us year after year…and we hope you’ll consider helping us deliver this important program.

Volunteer Training

There is training for each volunteer so you understand the offerings and options for your booth, but generally speaking, your life experiences are typically enough “training” to help you navigate these discussions with the students.  You know more than they do, and your exeriences will help guide and influence their decisions — both during the Fair, and hopefully, throughout their life.

Think of the impact you are making by becoming involved in this important and rewarding Fair — healthy credit can be a real difference-maker throughout a person’s entire life.

Ready to Help?

That’s great!  We need your passion, experience and help to make this a success.  Please contact Stephanie at westernmasscreditforlife@gmail.com and please type the word “volunteer” in the subject line of your email.