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Cool!  The first step is working with your teachers to complete the permission slip.  This is important, so don’t forget to do this.

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Know what your credit score is?  Know what a good credit score is?  Know how to establish, maintain and protect your credit score?  Know how a good credit score enables you to navigate your life in the most financially sound way?  Know how easy mistakes can harm your credit score?  Know how to avoid them?

Most people don’t know the answers to these questions.  If you do, come volunteer for us during the Fair!  If you don’t — no worries — we don’t want you to learn the hard way, which is why we have this Fair.  Please join us!   You will know these answers and more after attending!

What You Get @ The Credit for Life Fair

Besides all of these (and more) answers to these credit questions, you’ll get a chance to experience making some of life’s decisions during the fair.  This is really cool because you’ll get to talk with people about your options, learn the pros and cons of each option and experience the consequences of your decision.  This is the time to rehearse what awaits you in life — making these decisions, and even a mistake or two, won’t hurt you during the Fair.  We have the Fair to teach these lessons now, get the mistakes behind you, and position you to make smarter credit decisions throughout the rest of your life.

For attending, you’ll also get a black padfolio with a calculator, note pad and pencil for taking notes and doing some calculations during the Fair.  The padfolio will be useful to you after the Fair, because you can use it during job interviews to keep your application and resume in, and also for any notes that you may want to discuss or jot down during your interview.  This is a useful way to get organzied and a sure way to impress a potential employer!

We hope to see you and your friends at one of our next Fairs!